Me and my mom were getting back from helping a friend move when we found a sharif’s bissness card saying private property damaged.! My mom went inside to call the police and I ran halfway around the house when I saw it! Are sine was completely destroyed! I walked over and saw that there was glass and litter everywhere! The police said they will call us tomorrow. So I we are waiting and hopefully they will call.

4 thoughts on “Demolished ”

    1. It actually wasn’t the one made by Grandma Ruth- Thank goodness! That one was starting to lose its paint, so we took it inside. The one run over was by Brian- which was also great, but Brian is much younger and can paint us another, I’m sure. Also, he used stencils. Also, the sign might be okay. 🙂

  1. I imagine it might be spring before the rock wall can be rebuilt and a new post can be dug-in . . . gives you time to work on the design for a new garden/sitting spot/welcome sign! I’m so glad no one was hurt! It’s that time of year . . . out with the old, in with the new!

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