Me and my mom were getting back from helping a friend move when we found a sharif’s bissness card saying private property damaged.! My mom went inside to call the police and I ran halfway around the house when I saw it! Are sine was completely destroyed! I walked over and saw that there was glass and litter everywhere! The police said they will call us tomorrow. So I we are waiting and hopefully they will call.

img_0262Tigery my cat seems to be always be playing hot lava monster. In the game hot lava monster you can’t touch the ground and my cat only is on the ground when she is walking to go to the bathroom. In the game there is a monster that is only allowed on the ground and Greniex is the monster because when she goes on the ground he always tackles her . So I think that she is always playing hot lava monster.

I love vampires. They are blood sucking ! They can bite you in the neck and then you will tern into a vampire! When they come into your house uninvited ,they die. Also they are insanely allergic to garlic. If they get into the sun they will burn up !